I am a patient of Dr. Placeres. I was taken aback by her deep knowledge and thorough approach.  No traditional doctor and I have seen some of the best, have been as knowledgeable or thorough.  I was feeling so much better shortly after the new course of treatment.  Not only is she a phenomenal doctor but also an amazing person.  I strongly recommend Dr. Placeres as a doctor.

Susan C.

My 18-month-old has had the worst cough and congestion and nothing our pediatrician recommended helped. We went a whole week of sleeping for two hours at a time! but once I reached out to Dr. Amanda Placeres and she helped me find something that could help him he napped for three hours and didn’t cough once! Dr. Placeres is always there for her patients even after hours and follows up to make sure all is well. Even got my mom who doesn’t believe in naturopathic remedies to be a believer!

Jessica W.

I began seeing Dr. Placeres in December 2016 for a number of minor, but annoying, health issues that my primary care practitioner didn’t seem concerned about. In the time since I’ve been seeing her, I’ve had a chronic autoimmune issue pop up as well.

In summary, she is AMAZING! I really can’t say enough…She is the first doctor who actually listened to me and cared about the small stuff. She shares so much of her time and compassion with her patients (yes, she actually emails to check in on how I am doing – unheard of!!). She is amazingly skilled at both acupuncture and naturopathic medicine. She doesn’t just treat the symptom, she searches – diligently – for the root cause through testing and research. She creates a professional, yet profoundly warm and inviting atmosphere for her patients. She is incredibly smart and analytical, connecting the symptoms your body is sharing with you via both TCM and the best science of western medicine.
With herbs and acupuncture, she has taken my pain from a 6 or 7 (on a scale of 10) down to a consistent 2 in a much quicker time frame than any MD has ever done. I am so grateful that I found her and I highly, highly recommend her!!

Krista N.

Dr. Placeres has been so incredibly helpful on my journey back to good health. I would have been lost without her expertise and guidance. She helped me figure out exactly what I was battling then supported me with amazing acupuncture treatments, suggestions for dietary changes and added digestive support to my routine with enzymes, natural oils, and herbs that I needed to heal. Thank you, thank you for everything. I highly recommend Dr. Placeres!

Cindy S. N.

I decided to visit Placeres Naturopathic and Acupuncture to see if they had some recommendations for stress. My business is a pressure cooker at times,  but I really don’t like taking medications.  Dr. Amanda Placeres immediately focused in on the triggers of my particular kind of stress and prescribed a series of well-timed acupuncture treatments. I had never experienced acupuncture before and was amazed at the immediate relief it provided. It’s hard to believe, but after the first tiny pinch, the whole process was completely relaxing and those results remain with me. It’s so nice to know that there are alternatives to tradition medication and I will encourage friends and family to speak with Dr. Placeres before going down any kind of pharmaceutical road.

Catherine S.

Dr. Placeres is a fantastic Doctor. She not only helped me address some issues I was having but recommended an easy, obtainable treatment protocol for my wellness. She has also been a great support on this journey for wellness!

Katie R.

This amazing Doctor has a wonderful soothing personality that certainly helps to aid in healing. She is so highly intelligent that I’m sure she is up on all of the latest treatment plans.

Susan S.

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